Man jokes his wife thinks he’s an ‘idiot’ after she mapped out kids’ meals for him

Man jokes his wife thinks he’s an ‘idiot’ after she mapped out kids’ meals for him

For many mums and dads returning to work, it can be tough to trust anyone else to sort out their kids’ dinners, even if that someone else happens to be the other parent.

One amused dad whose wife recently went back to work has revealed the messages she left him on their children’s plates, with an instructive note popped into each section.

The blue plate had one large section – marked “four dino nuggets” – and two smaller sections for corn and “leftover rice-a-roni or beans (he chooses).” This plate also contains a small pot for ketchup and honey mustard.

Similarly, the pink plate was divided into three, one for “corn and peas (steam in the green steamer)”, another for “leftover rice warmed up”, and a third for meatballs. Again, there was a little pot for ketchup.

Many of those with kids who like to keep their food items separate – or who have very different preferences from their siblings – will no doubt relate to these two plates and the detailed instructions they require.

Taking to Reddit, the unnamed dad – who goes by the username u/xdozex – joked: “My wife just went back to work and thinks I’m an idiot.”

He went on to admit, had she not left the note, “Everything would have made it into the plate, but probably not in the ‘right’ places.”

When some commenters argued there was no need to go to such lengths, he explained his two children, who are five and two years old, both have different allergies, with his youngest unable to eat dairy, soy, or sunflower.

He continued: “It would be amazing if we could always just cook one meal but both kids have severe and different allergies. So we end up needing to make three different dishes, every time. Sometimes we can get away with two.”

Responding to those curious for an update as to how everything went, the dad laughingly confessed: “It went pretty smoothly but apparently I had the temperature wrong for some of the food.”

A number of people were impressed by the mum’s organisational skills and sympathised with her anxieties over being away from her kids.

One admiring person wrote: “She doesn’t think you’re an idiot, but that was genius. She knows kids can be tough customers when it comes to food and was sparing you the utter frustration of mealtime tantrums, and herself the resulting barrage of questions.

“If just a few food temperature issues (which may change depending on season or mood), you did a great job dad!”

Another applauded: “While he humorously interpreted this as ‘my wife thinks I’m an idiot’, you could also interpret it as ‘my wife cares about me so much that she wants to make my life as easy as possible!’

“It’s also very likely that she is projecting her anxiety about going back to work (which represents a big loss of control) into writing these notes on our kids’ plates for me to follow, and doing so probably made her feel a little less stressed.

“Going back to work is tough, but instead of lashing out, she made sure dinner would go smoothly. She’s a keeper.”