Woman fumes as dad spends £800 on brother’s birthday present but only sends her a card

Woman fumes as dad spends £800 on brother’s birthday present but only sends her a card

Most parents will tell you how important it is to make sure never to play favourites. No matter how small the perceived difference, children can almost always work out if they are being treated differently to their siblings.

But for one woman the difference is not hard to miss, and she has taken offence after realising how she has been treated in comparison to her brother.

Both adults, the siblings are two of four children, all aged in their 40s.

However, despite being of a similar age, their father celebrates their birthdays in a different fashion.

And the woman took to Mumsnet eager for advice after she was left upset by the different levels of thought and care her dad puts into their birthdays.

She explained her dad is thinking about buying her brother a bike worth “around £800” for his birthday.

“I just got a card for my birthday this year,” she added.

While all of the siblings have jobs, and her brother “probably has the least disposable income”, there is another difference too: “He is the only boy and us others are girls.

The woman did not spend much time discussing why her dad has acted in this way, but she did question the fairness of his decision.

She wrote: “Am I right to be annoyed that we are being treated differently or should I accept it’s his money to do as he pleases?”

But the post quickly divided opinion, with some suggesting the woman was being unreasonable given the circumstances, while others rushed to her defence.

One person commented: “I’d ask your dad how come you got a card and he gets a bike. It’s a fair question.”

Another added that the woman was not being unreasonable, writing: “How strange and hurtful.”

But a different comment read: “I think if you’re all adults in your 40s your parents will have a reason for helping one of you out a bit more.”

While another said: “I hate the ‘fair’ debate. You should be able to give your money to whomsoever you wish.”