‘Ghost captured on camera’ in paranormal encounter in 300-year-old pub

‘Ghost captured on camera’ in paranormal encounter in 300-year-old pub

Drinkers in a 300-year-old pub got more than they bargained for after a ” ghost ” was seen in a spooky moment by punters and staff.

The eerie moment was captured on camera at the White Swan Inn in Dunstable, Bedfordshire.

In the spooky footage, a bottle of beer shot off a shelf behind the bar before smashing to the floor, with no staff nearby to knock it.

The back of the till was soaked in beer as a result – but the other bottles on the screwed-on shelf remained completely untouched.

The supernatural incident happened this Tuesday and a worker was seen on CCTV running to the scene from the opposite direction, arguable proof that no-one was nearby to cause it.

Pub manager Tasha Magnan told the Metro : “The bar staff were so spooked out after. They felt the chills of the aftermath of our beer-destroying ghost.

“We now have two pieces of CCTV showing what we feel are ghosts. We have no idea who the ghost is – someone who doesn’t like beer.”

Tasha caught another incident on camera as, back in February, she blamed a group of guys for spilling their beer but the group remained adamant they didn’t touch it.

When she went back to look over the footage, Tasha, who regularly works late shifts to see if she spots anything strange, realised they weren’t fibbing.

A full pint of Coors was resting on a table and toppled over without anybody touching it and Tasha, who has over 20 years’ pub experience, says she often feels like someone is walking past her and has staff members who say they feel like they’re being watched.

She remembers one particular occasion where she went to move out the way of a dog – but it wasn’t actually there.

While this was a completely unexpected encounter with the apparent supernatural, some actively go out of their way to spot spooky ghosts.

Paranormal experts say they were left in shock after going looking for the malevolent spirit of a cave-dwelling witch.

While exploring the caves of Wookey Hole, near Wells in Somerset, paranormal investigator Tony Ferguson and his team of ghost hunters claim to have heard the voice of the evil witch, who had lived in the caves some 1,000 years ago.

The group ventured into the caves at night, led by tour guide Jamie Russell, and were soon left scared out of their wits after allegedly hearing the witch for themselves.

According to Tony, the witch could be heard hissing at them, jeering “come to me” in an apparent bid to separate the ghoul hunting gang.

But things got even spookier – Tony says the female voice could be heard hissing “kill her”, and believes she was perturbed by the presence of other women in the group.

Things became so intense, that even tour guide Jamie, 45, apparently had to step outside for a bit.

“There’s an effect called the ‘drunken feeling’ where you start to feel like you’re swaying,” Tony said.

“That usually means there’s something around you trying to break into your energy and a couple of us felt that.